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IJM Timber Frame Homes - From Design to Finish

Your new IJM Timber Frame home begins its life with our professional design team, backed by the latest computer technology.

Every standard or customised structure has its own set of structural calculations determined by your specifications. Our design and sales personnel guide you through every aspect of the design details before the final hard copy of the plans is produced.

All structural timber is subjected to rigorous mechanical testing by our own in-house machine grade department to ensure that you receive only top quality timber.

All the technical data is sent online to the highly automated wall panel production line. Individual trusses are cut using the latest tooth-plate technology, which hydraulically presses the trusses together.

The panels are loaded in the sequence they will be assembled on site. The IJM Timber Frame home is ready for delivery to meet your time schedule.

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If you have a question or enquiry, please contact us at and we will always be delighted to help!

With our wide range of experience and knowledge, IJM are happy to design and build any timber products you may desire