IJM Timber Frame - Design


The service of an architect is essential when you are building your own home. The architect will consult in advance with the local authority to ensure that the land is suitable for housing and does not conflict with development plans. If planning permission is required, the architect will be able to make the application and deal with any conditions stipulated by the local authority.

IJM Timber Frame will provide drawings suitable for planning applications based on the models displayed on this website. This provides fast and cost efficient assistance in applying for planning permission.

However, you may decide to design your own home, and for this purpose, engaging an architect is a must. Remember, almost any design of a house can be manufactured by IJM Timber Frame, as we have extremely flexible technical and manufacturing facilities.


If you have a question or enquiry, please contact us at and we will always be delighted to help!

With our wide range of experience and knowledge, IJM are happy to design and build any timber products you may desire