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Involving IJM as part of your team early in the process will allow you to call on our experience with regard to optimal cost U-value specifications for elemental values and advise on structural solutions using Timber Frame construction along with any details that you would require. We value our relationship with the professional practices and if contracted in, we can provide you with our working CAD files from your planning drawings for your further development. This process, while involving some liaising between us, can provide you with substantial time saving. Further to this, we provide to you our building control package inclusive of complete wall, floor, roof panel design and structural calculations along with any elemental U-value calculations that you may need.

With IJM’s comprehensive off-site and on-site system, we hand over an air-sealed structure to the contractor/builder and this is certified by an independent Engineer. In this, you can be assured that what is on site is a quality product that has been built to program and is covered by the necessary insurance required by you.

When we work together, you will find that we reduce your concern about certification because we share your responsibility.

For peace of mind, frame first with IJM.


Providing timber frame solutions since 1965, IJM have stood the test of time.

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