IJM Timber Frame - About Us


Established in 1965, IJM Timber Engineering Ltd. has proven itself worthy of its position as one of the leading Timber Frame producers in Ireland and the UK. During this time, throughout the economic booms and recessions, we have consistently been leading the way in new concepts in timber frame building and technology. We have been to the forefront in setting new and exacting standards and establishing a bench mark for success and customer/client satisfaction.


Having produced timber framed-construction for both domestic and international demands, we have set in place a solid platform for securing future business. With future expansions envisaged over the next number of years, we are well placed to confirm our position as a leading supplier of timber framed construction. A dedicated research and development division ensures that we always find the best new methods of working and innovative new products and systems. Our Open House® System is just one innovation that will change the way we build our homes in the future. It brings flexibility to the living environment that is your home, and allows the option for open plan living, or the ability to easily alter the interior spaces as your individual requirements change. A system ideally suited to the needs of a growing family.


IJM Timber Frame is a method of building which in essence replaces the thermally inefficient inner block wall of a building with the much more thermally efficient Timber Frame wall. This is particularly true for houses in Ireland where both roofs and floors are constructed of timber trusses and joists respectively and it is also common practice to build all first floor walls as timber partitions.

IJM Timber Frame as a manufacturer is unique in Europe, as we do not outsource any aspect of our structural components. We manufacture the complete range of components that go into making a dwelling from trusses, roof panels, floor panels, wall panels and steel components. We also pressure treat and grade structural timber to ensure premium quality.

IJM are not just a manufacturer of Timber Frame, we are the Original Manufacturers of Timber Frame and our expertise allows us to offer a huge diversity of products and services that would not be available elsewhere.

Our continuous Research & Development Programs conducted in conjunction with TRADA, The British Research Establishment (BRE) and Enterprise Ireland have led to us to being able to offer a diverse range of customized building systems such as our patented “Open House®” System which allows for future lifestyle changes without the need to upsize/downsize your actual house.

Dedicated Design teams produce detailed models of buildings, which are graphically viewed and structurally analyzed, rigorously reviewing every facet of the assembled sub-components. Our Design Engineers and Architects ensure that all manufactured items, comply with current standards and best practice. Once the project has been agreed and finalized, all these individual manufacturing details are then produced on a wide variety of automated lines and machines. Using expert networked technology all component parts are automatically cut, arranged and fixed into position for each individual project.

IJM Timber Frame’s investment in Technology also allows us to provide customized, bespoke designs, from a small dwelling to the grandest mansion, as well as facilitating the production of larger scale multi-discipline projects.


Providing timber frame solutions since 1965, IJM have stood the test of time.

To see how we can help you, contact us at sales@ijmtimberframe.com