Building Regulations

All buildings must comply with the building regulations which only set the minimum standard for buildings. These regulations must be read in conjunction with development plans that may in fact have a higher standard of thermal insulation than that set in the building regulations.

We recommend that you build using thermal performance criteria that surpasses any current or upcoming performance levels set by building regulations and in doing so, future proof your building.

IJM have many product combinations which include the Eco Wall, Eco Ceiling, Eco Rafter, Eco Roof, Eco Floor product ranges which strive to achieve the most cost effective performance solution for each component combination.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Throughout the UK it’s law that all new buildings must be provided with an Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

An EPC gives you information about a dwellings Energy Efficiency in a diagrammatic form with energy bands from A to G. An ‘A’Rated home is the most Energy Efficient and costs less to heat than a ‘G’ Rated home.

Country Regulations

Please select the appropriate country from the map displayed below, as the details of each country differs due to legislation differences.

Ireland Northern Ireland England & Wales Scotland


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