IJM Timber Frame Ecology

Thermal Performance

In minimising carbon emissions, there is a need to incorporate sustainable energy production systems, i.e. solar, air, geothermal heat pumps into our buildings. While the need to do this is important, it is critical that we approach the design of our buildings with “Frame First” concepts first in order that we may retain the energy (heating) produced and therefore reduce the amount required. We understand that with all of this there has been a substantial increase in the cost of construction and we strive through our continuous R&D to give you the best cost vs. performance options available. Our Eco Wall, Eco Floor and Eco Roof components can range from the minimum requirement to meet regulations to passive standards and even super passive.

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The energy rating of your building is becoming a more and more significant feature (albeit positive or negative) in the sale of your property and in the immediate future, purchasers of a new build will more than likely have a minimum standard of an A rated building.

To ensure that you conform to this, frame first with IJM.

IJM Timber Frame Carbon Footprint


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